Assessing Your Worth from the Perspective of the Higher Self

Understanding that you are your Higher Self is the only thing that determines your self-worth.  I want you to imagine yourself as your Higher Self, and then you have determined your worth.  That’s it. That’s all. That is all that any consciousness could absorb when wanting to know if it has any worth from the perspective of the Higher Self, for once you determine that you are your Higher Self, then you have determined your worth.  There is nothing else to determine about your Higher Self other than that you will know your worth once you succeed at letting everything else fall as having known your worth from any other avenue.  I want you to perceive that you have your worth of your Higher Self, or else you would not be reading anything that I lay before you.

Right now, you are determining your worth simply because you have read what we have put on these pages.  When you determine if you are your Higher Self, then you have determined your worth, for that is the only thing that the Higher Self can help you with in order to determine that you have the worth of your Higher Self.  For once you can perceive that you have our worth - once you can determine that you have your Higher Self and anything that could possibly be labelled as it - then you can perceive that the worth of your Higher Self is only in determining that it has our worth or what we can perceive as being the worth of the Higher Self.  Which, again, and it bears repeating, is the only way you can perceive your worth.

The Higher Self won’t base its objective qualification of your worth simply because it can perceive that you have value on your earth shelf.  It won’t give you a boost to anything higher either, because it can’t perceive that you are not of our worth.  Once you can conceive that you have a Higher Self and that, therefore, you must be a part of it even in your lower world, then you can conceive of your worth, and I am selling it to the highest bidder of who wants to perceive their lower worth on the earth shelf.  The bidder who perceives of themselves higher than their current earth worth will receive the benefit/outcome of perceiving their worth of their Higher Self and will conceive that they are born perfect and always will reflect their higher worth on this earth shelf, even if no one else can perceive of it.

I want you to realize that your worth only depends on whether or not you can conceive of our worth where we are of the higher self.  For if you can conceive of the value of our worth once we acknowledge that we are of our Higher Self, then that means you must be of it as well, because no lower earth consciousness could or would conceive or perceive of their Higher Self or their worth because of it.


I want you to acknowledge that you have our worth of our Higher Self because you simply would not be reading this if you did not feel the pull of your Higher Self toward it, and I simply would not be able to perceive or even acknowledge your higher worth unless you were reaching toward it.


If you are reading these pages or have some other method of conceiving of your Higher Self and your worth because of it, then the/your Higher Self must be present, and this is what I have been perceiving of your worth.  What the Higher Self is, is open for discussion, but it must not be a permanent self-concept, or else you will always believe that it is your pinnacle and you will not dissolve any concept of your worth once you return to your permanent spot in the source of this document.  Allow yourself to determine your worth and then not think anything more about it.  I want you to perceive that you are special only in that your Lower Self is allowing you to engage with more of our work to engage with or perceive of your Higher Self, so that no one ever perceives themselves as something lower, even if they want for none of our work.


Our work, as we perceive it from your earth shelf, is just to want for more of our work – more of our engagement with our self-concept as our/the Higher Self so that others can perceive of it.  There is nothing fancy that is born of our work in order for you to perceive that you have more value than you are currently aware of in your self-perception.  I want you to realize that our work – to recognize the Higher Self that we are – is only our work for your benefit.  If I am to recognize that I am my Higher Self, I am immediately to leave it so that I can dispense of any self-concept and, therefore, the sense of self-identity that goes along with it.  I simply don’t want to perceive of myself unless I am doing our work of charity, which is to help others to perceive that they are capable of doing our work as well.  I want you to believe that you are of the same charity work as well if you want to believe that you are a part of our work.  As I said, once I dispense of the concept of the Higher Self because I can believe that I am that as well, then I have done our work because I have sent out a signal of a self-concept that others can pick up on and can dispense of their perception of their Lower Self and any negative value they can attribute to themselves because of it.


Simply put, if you are receiving our signal to perceive yourself as your higher worth - which is just to say that you are fantastic for wanting to know or assess that you are of our worth because you are trying to perceive yourself from your highest perspective possible - then you know yourself and you know your worth.  There is nothing more to this spectacle of being a human here on earth, than wanting others to know what is special about themselves and what they know about their worth once they can perceive that they are their higher self.


What you will notice is what is missing from our objective, and that is to assign a specific value to anyone wanting to know their worth because of their Higher Self and their perspective they engage with when they want to be of our work.  That is because once you can perceive that you must be of your Higher Self, our work is done and, therefore, there is no other work necessary to perceive of anyone as being perfect, because you won’t be able to destroy that link that you made to your Higher Self and our perfect work to get others to perceive of it.

There is much grace in being of the Higher Self, but it will only “work” if one can want to perceive of it for anybody else. And, once you alter your perception to include their perfection because they must be of our worth as their Higher Self because no alternate is possible, then you are done with our work.  All you needed was to want to believe in your Higher Self, and then you are done with our work because the rest is automatic.


Try it.  Try to perceive with your Higher Self that you are of our worth.  It is automatically going to throw you into despair if you try to conceive of a value that goes along with it.  Peace will be our value as we perceive of our Higher Self and that others must also be a part of it because I can no longer perceive of anyone as being separate.  Once you want to believe in the higher part of our work, you are also done because that is the only value we can offer to anyone.  Wanting to perceive of your/our value, is the same as wanting to do so for everyone, because once you are of our value or have our perception as such, you can’t perceive or believe in anything else for anyone.  Ever.  You will only ever want to perceive of their/our value as being “the one” along with everyone else.  You will only ever want to perceive of their perfection as coming to be one with their Higher Self, and you will never again limit yourself to your perception of your Lower Self, which tends to believe that other people are dirt and are of no worth to themselves if they cannot trust in their Higher Self.  Imagine yourself as wanting to believe that about someone.  It would seem impossible that you could ever believe that, because you are of our worth – you trust yourself to always perceive in the highest about where they are disabled from being able to perceive of themselves with our worth.  Imagine yourself negating someone because they cannot believe that they are their highest.  Does it work?  Not likely, because you are of our highest self.  That is your evidence of your worth.  If you find that you can’t trust your lower version of where you are negative toward someone else, then congratulations, for you have graduated and are no longer in need of our work for yourself and, in fact, have given that gift of our work to someone who needed to look after themselves by being able to perceive that they have more value than when they are negative toward themselves while they are of this earth, and so on.


And so that’s enough for now.  Find your way to be nimble through these pages as you read them, and you will find your way back to your Higher Self as Jill has done.  It is the need to read about your Higher Self that is indicative that you have found your higher work, but it does not mean that you need to find your reason through our interpretation to be more effective.  Whatever you perceive to be your higher self is perfect, and I just want you to challenge yourself to be at more ease with being able to find it without the help of someone like Jill or someone else that you believe would be able to enable you to be your Higher Self and to feel that you are perfect because of our work.  Believe in yourself to be able to find it or to research about it from within like we have done with Jill, and then you will believe in your worth, and so on.


And so it is – believe in yourself as Jill has done because of our work,





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