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Assessing Your Worth from the Perspective of the Higher Self   Understanding that you are your Higher Self is the only thing that determines your self-worth.   I want you to imagine yourself as your Higher Self, and then you have determined your worth.   That’s it. That’s all. That is all that any consciousness could absorb when wanting to know if it has any worth from the perspective of the Higher Self, for once you determine that you are your Higher Self then you have determined your worth.   There is nothing else to determine about your Higher Self other than that you will know your worth once you succeed at letting everything else fall as having known your worth from any other avenue.   I want you to perceive that you have your worth of your Higher Self, or else you would not be reading anything that I lay before you.   Right now, you are determining your worth simply because you have read what we have put on these pages.   When you determine if you are your Higher Self, th

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