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Almost Home

When I restarted this blog, my intention was to carry us through the most difficult part of the pandemic.  I think, for the most part, the hardest part of our adjustment period has come to a close.  I don't feel as if there is a closure as in how far this will go and what will become of us the further that this goes on - I just feel like the knowledge that we don't know where we are going is starting to become the norm. With each passing day, it is becoming more overwhelming to try to hold a memory of what it was like "before" the pandemic began.  And, I have to wonder if we can have an "after" - an imagined way which our life is going to be - or will we come to perceive that all we have is a constant moment in the making, where remembering the past or trying to control our future is futile at best?  For me, and I've had these moments before on many occasions, I just can't seem to make myself think past today.  The fact that no one knows what we are

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