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There is no Shame in Feeling Overwhelmed

There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed. It happens every day to most people on the planet.  Some people cannot accept the changes that come, which they must face, accept, process, and then find something to replace old habits or situations with. There is also no shame in being overwhelmed even if there isn't one change that one must accept or one challenge that one must overcome.  There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed, at all.
Sometimes, I must just accept that I feel overwhelmed and that I cannot change it, in and of my self.  I hope that something or someone else will come along to change this unbearable emotion of feeling overwhelmed, but unless I accept its presence without judgment, that emotion of feeling overwhelmed will become locked-in, and I will not feel safe.
I can change the feeling of being overwhelmed by accepting its presence and then looking toward my Higher Self once it feels like nothing else that is overwhelming is set to come.  Accepting this overwhelming…

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