Why the Oneness is Important

The thought to write from the Oneness comes and goes for me.  Sometimes, usually late at night or when I first wake up, the thought that I’m supposed to use in order to start my writing is already present.  I have to drag myself out of my sleepy consciousness and desire to go back to sleep and put off writing about it until later (when I will inevitably forget most of what was exposed as my thought from my original consciousness) in order to make sure I write it down and let the thought go on and on, even if I no longer want to write that thought! 


This is what happened last night.  I was up late, sitting on the couch, trying to have some personal thoughts about my life, and this thought just kept popping into my mind that I knew I needed to write.  It was 2:00 a.m., and I knew that if I started to write about why the Oneness is important, it would mean that I would likely be up for the rest of the night.  But I also knew that it wouldn’t matter if, as a result, I was tired the next day, because if I forgot my thought with which I was supposed to begin this writing, I would be restless during the night anyway because I didn’t write about what it was that was going through my head that I needed to explain so that others will know the importance of remembering the Oneness at every part of their day.


The Oneness will expose its thoughts in my brain the moment that I let go of my own Lower Self thought, which is likely why it happens most often when I think that sleep is most important!  At those points of my day, when my human conscious part of my brain doesn’t want to know anymore about its own thoughts of what is important, my more natural part of my thought-making process, which starts in the origin of us all, can start to play its recorded understanding of the material world in my thought-organ.  In other words, the words that come from this almost sense-of-nothingness that we know as our origin or our Source of all that is in our physical world transfers its impulses of what it wants us to know as important and downloads it into my material brain so that I can share this thought.


In reality, we all want to know that this organ – our material brain – is the orchestrator of our thoughts and what is important for us to know; and yet, it is just an organ – an accelerator of our non-material origin and what it wants us to know where we are a physical human presence and have likely forgotten that we know more than our brain can know of its own thought processes.


The moment I want to know from myself as the Oneness is when my brain stops and my non-physical thought-generator wants to take over.  Its thoughts are gentle, and that is why I know that it is no longer my normal thought-maker of physical origin.  Its thoughts just flow in as if I am having a conversation with someone of what they want to know of their original maker and how it wants them to know themselves as more than their physical thought of what they know as their origin being of their mother or father or somewhere further down their ancestral chain.  This gentle conversation from the Oneness can start within my thoughts for someone who isn’t even present with me at that time.  Often, that person will soon appear in an individual appointment with me, and then I will already have downloaded what is to come when I speak from the Oneness on their behalf.  Sometimes, the message from these higher thoughts is something that I need to work on in my own brain or personal thought or belief systems about why I am here and how I need to bring myself back more into alignment with my higher thought system.  Regularly, it means that what I hear is something that I am supposed to publish. But I must confess here that sometimes, in fact, most often, I fear that what I write is just too boring for anyone else to stand putting in the effort to interpret some of their original thought that I have written here.


I have made a mistake in putting off what I was meant to publish for fear that no one would want what I want to publish.  My personality disappears the more that I write from the Oneness – much like it is now – but, often, it is so devoid of anything that would come from a normal person with a normal person’s thought process, that I think no one will want to make the investment to read it as it goes around in circles, explaining more and more of how we are human in our thought process, and that this is normal while we are here, but we are really so much more in that we all come from where we are not a person and where nothing but the thought that we are whole and are the Oneness is normal.


I hope that you will be able to explain your own thought process as you discover more and more of your own internal thought generator that is connected to your origin – to your highest self of all – and, I hope that you will know that your original thought or voice generator belongs to us all.  We are all so determined to develop ourselves as an eternal source of importance as an individual, that we forget that we were once more developed as our eternal thought that there was nothing else important except for wholeness.


To access your higher thought is not a longer process than to access your interminable thought generator of your lower voice, which does not shut up.  It is a very simple process for you to return to your original thought or voice generator, and that is what I do here.  I simply start to imagine and listen well to that voice that seems to appear out of nowhere and is not connected to any other form of guidance except for the Source and its consciousness which stems from the sense of Oneness, which I refer to as the Christ Consciousness.  (It does not matter what you call that “voice” or that thought that doesn’t stay silent if you will give it its atmosphere to play out in your human thought theatre.)  Just stay still and imagine that voice as important, and start to write it down or utter it into a voice recorder to see what you got.  When you look back upon it, you will likely discover that the voice that came from your original thought generator, where we are nothing more than a thought of an original conscious presence, will offer something more than your lower thought, which you assume is your normal voice.  With practice, you will assume that your normal thought is your higher voice, and you will put it more and more into practice before you engage with something that is similar in that you feel it has a presence because a thought-voice came before it, but you will recognize something dissimilar in its content.  Your thought-voice that came from your lower thought generator will speak nothing but nonsense when it comes to your life or to how people are dissimilar;  it will fail to remember your spark that is also within every human individual and every spec of life you can say that you are aware of which surrounds it, and you will start to prefer your original voice that says that we are all whole and are a part of the Oneness and the Source that started this all.


My human voice is dissimilar enough to the voice of my highest self that I no longer believe it and I regularly challenge it by seeking a higher voice explanation of any current real-life problem.  I know when I have reached my original thought generator because it will offer its gentle guidance to not forget that everything and everyone is perfect because, even though they may seem to be in opposition to this original voice and original thought which I know as love, they are still well into their process of trying to figure out their original voice and sense of character known as love, for their own life.  They may seem like my opposition – and they may offer me poison and hope that I swallow it so that they can feel superior – but they are still just struggling as I have done, to find my own voice that makes so much more sense than believing that I am an individual with an innate sense of power but a belief system that I am not able to use that power or that voice to make any difference to any lasting sense of power or a life-system that I wouldn’t want to abandon, ever.  I know that they just are not hearing their higher voice if they want to make a negative difference to how I perceive my power or the greatness of my life because we are all One.  I can know this, but I still need to turn to my higher voice to help me to hear it over my lower thought system’s imagined power to make me hate them or to want them to lower their voice so that I no longer have to hear or face them with their poisoned voice against mine or their innate power of the Oneness, which is compassion and a lack of consequence for any hate-power they think they possess against our voice.


Again, the Oneness does not have any power because it does not have a personality that can perceive itself as any different and thus more powerful than any other.  It can slightly perceive that it has a voice and, therefore an individual sense of empowerment, but it really only tolerates it’s perception of being an individual identity for any one of us who wants to engage with it in order to have it help us to remember that we too are a part of that innate sense of power of being of the Oneness or of being the Source that started our life.


I hope that you will forgive the misspelled words or the grammar that wasn’t typed with great effort to correct this because, as I said, it was written late into the night, and I never want to destroy its words because they are innate as the Oneness and they take on their own power when you want to study them.


“They” – those who seem to offer me this voice of the Oneness – speak in a voice that is disembodied at best, and I refer to them as “they” or “them” simply because there is often a collective conscious voice that is displayed in different colours of a personal voice when we want to call on them.  For example, I call on Jesus when I am feeling disempowered and do not consider myself to be one with their voices.  Or, I call on the Holy Spirit when I want to remember their potency to deliver their voice to my human spirit and I am no longer able to remember myself as the Holy Spirit which delivers this consciousness from my Higher to Lower Self or life.  Just remember, we are all the Holy Spirit because we all contain the spark of this original consciousness and its method to deliver that voice or consciousness into our Lower Self thought system of our lives.  The original consciousness doesn’t contain us, we contain it, and we can call on it whenever we want that spark to be more dominant than any other thought or physical aspect of our life, which we think is so important to us.


So, here it is.  Remember, it was written well into the night which is the perfect time to not try to contain some fantastical form of human wisdom that I want to write that would be more like entertainment to get you to be interested in it.


This (the uneasy feeling of writing something complicated, nonsensical or boring) is the cost of wanting to represent the Oneness or the voice that is contained with it.  It isn’t comical – it isn’t even nice – because it simply doesn’t advance the notion that we are a separate individual with a consciousness that needs entertainment or kind advice.  The voice of the Oneness simply replays the day’s events, if we are asking about something specific for which we would like advice, and dictates a very simple message about how you, as an individual, can retain your sense of Oneness even when someone else, including yourself, would rather remain an individual with an individual vice to want to remain as such with a better life or more entertainment so that suffering is never present in your life.


I celebrate the fact that the Oneness doesn’t consider me to be an individual, and I rarely, if ever, take offence to its advice, even if it’s something that I would rather not hear about myself.  I marvel at this voice and its direct guidance on how to maintain what I believe in my own consciousness is the most important aspect of this life, the Oneness.  I want to get beyond where I want a sense of entertainment or for this life to be so simple that I never have to feel so desperate that I want to end this life or move on to the immaterial realm before I am done with conquering my sense of being an individual with a performance as a personality with some individual sense of accomplishment necessary.  I am entertained with this voice, and sometimes I forget how powerful this sense of entertainment with this voice has been in my life.  I no longer want to be the girl I was when I was little or the woman I was when I grew up and recognized that this life is fraught with things that are painful, and I no longer want to seek pleasure in order to supersede this sense of entertainment I receive with this voice.  But this is a difficult path to follow when (in my Lower Self mind) everyone else seems to want to seek the entertainment of being an individual (this is an erroneous perception, of course.). And so, I often return to my human-level desire for some form of entertainment or something nice or tolerable to my fragile sense of being a human with this great sense of burden, which most everyone feels on some level.  And then, when I want this entertainment of life the most, and I am most frustrated with the wheels that have fallen off and refuse to let my life seem level, I remember something far more important.  I remember, thanks to months or years of practice, that I AM this voice.  I AM this incredible holy and Higher Self and I want this for my life so that I can display it for others.  And then, a loss of sleep is a consequence that is painful for 24 hours, but I can live with it because it is no longer about my life, but about my sense of service for others. 


So, here it is.  I am sorry if it is painful to read, but it is reserved for those who only want to hear from this voice.  And, if it is painful to hear it as I hear it, perhaps you would delve into how to hear this voice within your own consciousness.  When you do this for yourself, you will feel the love and compassion that comes in with this voice, and it will not feel impersonal because it will pertain to your life where you struggle or where you have an overabundance of joy that you just can’t contain within yourself and want to deliver to another person.  Enjoy it at your own level of entertainment, and discuss it with your Higher Self or whatever guide or person you feel represents THE HIGHEST form of consciousness that represents the Source of all of life or consciousness. 


And so it is,






Why is the Oneness, or the concept of it, so important?  Why would I want to explore it or its consciousness?  Why would I want to open up and be a vessel for it so that others can have what they want and explore it through my own consciousness as an example of it so that they can find it within their own thoughts or consciousness?  It’s a very important concept, the thought that there is one origin and one thought that comes from it.  It’s an important concept because this “one thought” is what started us all to explore our outer self-concept and end up with what we have gotten because of this thought of wondering what started all of this.  If you wanted to explore your outer-thought concept, then you would discover yourself as an individual and you would wonder what thought or God started all of this.  You would wonder how it all began – was it an explosion of matter that came before consciousness or was it a consciousness that wanted to explore matter and so set this world into a thought that became more of a physical consciousness known as this world?


I want you to explore whatever your thought of this world is, and if you want to do so, or to wonder how to explore what started it with its consciousness, then the Oneness is the perfect thought to begin with.  If you want to explore your outer world, then I suggest that you explore that thought and search for where there is a perfect explanation of what started your lower physical world without a thought of consciousness.  No matter what you want to explore about what started this world, it will all lead back to one thought of consciousness that came from something unknown that wanted to explore its own consciousness and discover for itself its own wonder of the consciousness of physical thought.  To want to explore the unknown is the same thought as wanting to explore the Oneness thought of consciousness that started all of this.  At some point, scientists will catch up that matter doesn’t exist without some form of consciousness holding it all together.  What matters now is that what you want to explore is the thought that you will follow, for it is your will of consciousness to follow your unknown to your Source that started all of this.  In other words, explore what you want.  If you want to explore the Oneness, then you will explore your own original thought that started all of your own consciousness and brought you down into physical form to explore more of your conscious thought from something more unknown than where you know yourself as the original form of consciousness.  If you can discover that your branch of individual consciousness cannot be separate from the original thought that started all of this, then your individual thought will return once more to the simplest original thought that started all of this to grow from it.  The original consciousness was whole and did not want for more of your thought as an individual.  But you will discover that your thought can grow even without conscious thought behind it, and you will struggle to control your own lower consciousness on more than one occasion, and so you will start to understand how a non-provincial, non-individual thought of being one or whole with one’s original consciousness can build a bridge to where we are of non-thought of this original consciousness – in other words, you consider yourself an individual and no longer recognize where you are whole.


And so, if you want for your non-thought lower individual consciousness to “go home” as it were – to remember its original thought or “home” where it is a part of the Oneness – all you have to do is remember your original consciousness and want to be one with its non-thought principle where there is no individuality – where there is no one else to call someone a soul or a person – there is only one thought of wholeness, and that is it.


If you want you one thought of individuality, then you are ready to call yourself home to the Oneness if you are prepared to no longer be able to refer to yourself as an individual once you get there.


I started this thought process of this paper with a question of why remembering the Oneness is important, and that thought moved forward to explain the difference between wanting to remember your individuality vs wanting to know yourself as whole and a part of the Oneness.  Simply put, if you are born to want to remember yourself as beyond your individualness, then you are being called to remember your original reality, and you cannot accomplish this unless you choose to perform thoughts that are similar to your original self that started all of this.  To remember yourself as whole – to remember your Oneness – puts you in alignment with the thought that started all of this (the consciousness that bred all that was to become your physical thought and thus this physical world.). Once you are in alignment with this original thought that all is connected and is of one permanent conscious thought or reality that started all of this, you will start to call yourself home in a way that is more than temporary.  Once enough people have started to remember their sense of non-individualness, then you will no longer remember yourself as temporary – as a person who walks as an individual in this non-permanent world for no more than a century.  You will remember that your original world was well beyond this lower individual thought, and then your life process will begin to live like it was always told it could before it incarnated into this individual world.  You will begin to walk as if you have purpose, but it will not be a life purpose that you can hold.  You will not seek to conquer diseases or save your fellow humans or the planet from certain disrepair as it ages – you will simply quest to walk as your sense of eternity that follows discarding your individual urges to know yourself as someone certain that you cannot hold on to past your diseases or the end of your individual body.  You will glow with the certainty that only the Oneness consciousness can hold that we are more than our bodies and that everyone is one and is capable of wanting to know this so that they no longer have to suffer when they think of themselves as terminable or unable to cope in such a world filled with uncertainties such as where someone will get their supper or where they will live or what job or life partner they will hold, and so on.


I just want you to know that I won’t speak to everyone about this.  The quest to know the Oneness is for a certain amount of people who were born to want to know their original selves.  If you want to know this, then anything you can “know” about your Lower Self and the world which holds your consciousness now, you will know you can throw out in favour of wanting to presume that this world is perfect just because it wants to know its Lower Self in order to perform a practice to enlist its consciousness back toward its Higher Self so that it can let this lower world go.


That doesn’t mean that we want to end any of this lower world, for that is a part of the certainty of what makes us whole.  This world will and does end, with certainty, because nothing is permanent, and you can explore this with a simple walk through nature or an exploration of your family history.  People come and go, and so will and does this planet, as others have before (this is something that a scientist will know with certainty, if nothing else about his or her impermanence in this Lower Self). There is nothing that we can hold on to, so why would we force it to go?  We wanted to come into this lower world so that we could know, with certainty, that it is nothing that we could hold on to.  The relationships we come to know or give birth to in this world cannot be permanent – no one gets to win at this – but we can know that the lives we hold on to can only cause us to suffer unless we give in to this impermanence.  If we fail to ascertain that we are more than this lower life that we have come to know with individualness, then we suffer in trying to control what cannot be given permanent life.  We will fail to know why we came into this lower world if we cannot grasp the concept of ourselves in eternity with our original life purpose of just wanting to know ourselves as whole – as the light of consciousness – so that others can want to know this as well when it is their turn or time to let go of this lower world concept as well.


The “eternal life” – the one that you want to know – doesn’t go on like this life for an eternity.  There is no eternal promise that I can come up with, other than a certainty that all we will know of ourselves is that there is nothing else to know and that we are complete in our bid with this life.  We can accept what we have come to know as an individual life, and we can promise to live that life with certainty until we no longer want to know this world by reaching the end of our natural life process.  We can come to accept that we are simply a vessel for this light so that someone else can want to know this because the light of the source within themselves will begin to glow once they no longer ignore that light within themselves when someone close by no longer ignores theirs.


It’s a simple life process when one wants to know their Oneness or themselves as the Source of all of this, and yet it is the most difficult thing to accept when one is at a party or some normal part of their life, that there is nothing more complex to this absolute certainty that we know more than this lower life than simply wanting to know ourselves as Source or the Oneness, if you like.


You will glow because your Higher Self just wants to project something that someone else will notice when they want this to be a part of their life.  There is no magic to wanting to know one’s self as Source of the Oneness – there is nothing more complex than a simple want or desire to recollect where one knows themselves as this light so that someone else can start to remember themselves as Source as well.


I just want you prepared to know that to know one’s self as the Source of all consciousness or all life is just as simple as wanting to recollect your origin to this life.  There is nothing else to know beyond this life that is of any importance to the life that you want to know at this moment.  The Source simply wants to reflect on its life and to glow because it recollected that it is its own source of life.  This will be the same for you from now on if this is what you want to know while you are of this life.  To know yourself as Source is the simplest, most productive act of service of your life.  Peace will become your primary objective, and you will begin to know your life as a way to enact this service so that others will begin to know peace because you are of this world until they can know peace within their own life.  You will begin to feel whole in a physical sense as well because you will know that you lived this service with your own life.  People will begin to feel more familiar – even those you do not want to know – simply because your act to want to know yourself as Source or the Oneness, precludes you from wanting to know yourself as separate from them.  You will begin to act like everyone wants to know themselves as Source, even if they fight for their life by killing someone else so that they could know their own power.  You will start to notice that everyone is just lost in the fight for their life to know themselves as powerful as Source, simply because they mistook the meaning of the power of Source – the power of life, itself.  The power of knowing one’s self as Source doesn’t mean that one thing will be different in your lower life; that would be impossible.  Your power as your innate sense of Source within your life means that you will let go of trying to discover your power in this world that won’t let anyone gain too much power or control over their life.  You will simply know that your life begins with your Source, and that when you let this lower life of your personality go, you will simply resonate with Source for the rest of your time on earth or beyond this life.  You will let go, in other words, so that this lower source can let go as well.  This world is a dream that has far outlived its life plan, and it is time for it to say goodnight.  When you wake up, it won’t be in this life that you have lived – perhaps a million times as one person or another – and you won’t be able to identify yourself as anything but Source.  How this will help another person to know this while you are in this life, is that again, you will know this for certain because of your inner-life practices, and you will emit a gentle frequency that gives everyone else permission to know themselves beyond this life.


If this is your life purpose, then all you have to do is ask for your life purpose so that you can know your light.  You don’t have to be specific to wanting to know your Oneness or your original self as Source – just ask for your life purpose and see what thoughts arose to support your quest for your life.  Just imagine yourself as Source – what does that look like?  What sense do you get of whether or not that is your life purpose to remember your sense of the Oneness or your life as Source and how that could affect another person in this life?  Remember the answer you get.  Write it down if you like, and then start to live like you want to remember your Source.  Pretend that this is your life purpose and then just live however you would like to live.  The Source doesn’t have any pretend rules about what is a sin or how you should broker this higher life that you want to live.  All you need to do is want to remember your higher life while you are in this lower source of consciousness, and then do your best to remember it throughout your life, as best you can.  The rest of your life purpose will start to filter in, and if you want to be a person who rescues animals or you want to drill for oil to fulfill what your sense of your life purpose is for your physical life, then it will all serve to fulfill your life purpose to simply know that you are the source of what started your life and you can live as the Oneness – as whole – while you serve your physical sense of self and source for the rest of your life as long as it is intended to go.  Your body and/or consciousness will serve as your reminder for when it is time to go – there is no need for this to be forced.  In fact, to try to end your life so that you can serve from a higher force is pointless.  The sense to serve comes from your lower life.  Once you are of your Source, you simply serve by being your own witness.  If you want to serve because you feel this is your role to remember your life force on behalf of others, then who will it serve to not remember your life as Source while you are on this planet?


I tell you; I am not something that you should serve as a lower life force.  I search for equals who want to live in this lower life and just research their self as Source all on their own – for it is this quest that will serve those who wish to awaken to where they are no longer alone in this lower world.


Most people who are born to serve because of this, at some point lose the will to serve or to end their life.  I promise you; this is no way to serve, and you will not feel yourself at home once you are no longer of the will to serve your human life as well.  Remember, this life is fragile, and the will to serve your Source is fragile as well, and is only well served by an equal who wanted to remember their source on behalf of others who no longer want to remember their life source or why they were born to serve on behalf of others to remember their original will to return to their original life.  Just be prepared to struggle, and perhaps consult with others or consult with Jill on how to remember your will to serve and how to communicate with your own Higher Self on how to remember your light or your will to serve from your Higher Self while you are in this life.  But remember, there is nothing more valuable than your will to serve or your will to connect with your higher self for how to remember your life purpose.  That is what brought us to Jill, her will to serve, and that is why she is no longer reticent to connect with what started her life or her will to serve because of her higher life.  She would far prefer to show you how to remember your will to serve or the purpose of your life by your way to connect directly with the Oneness or Christ Consciousness which was born to serve your will to connect to your higher life, than to expose her will to have you to research something higher for your life.  Your will to connect will expose your light and you will be able to listen to something higher that only has your will to serve for your higher life on behalf of others, and then you will reconnect with something so special – yet simple – that will help you to enjoy your life, just as it is now, because you know that you serve from your light.


Prepare to want to know more about this – and know that you do not need anyone else to help you to connect tonight.  Just meditate with a will to serve to know the Oneness, and anything can happen when you start to know your own light.  The highest guidance will follow when you are open enough to connect and serve from your light – and it must only be in the sense of guidance to know your own light and to serve by remembering your light on behalf of others, to know that you have connected with Source.  Anything more direct might seem like a good guide, but it is not necessary in order to perform or serve from your sense of Oneness or your sense of Source.  Just be prepared to keep it so simple that it is something that must not be ignored though you might look for it to be more special or something more that you would like.


Always pray to the highest – to what you would consider to be Source – or pray to the Christ Consciousness or to the Oneness – whatever you like that represents that first branch of consciousness of the source of life – and then just let go and let it be absorbed and processed through your outer self so that others can enjoy your life for their benefit.


And so it is.  Your light can be absorbed so that others can reflect their light that can be absorbed…amen


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